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What Well Rested Parents Say!

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I don’t know what I was waiting for! Working with Erin at SleepWorthy Consulting was life changing. My husband and I went from getting up 3 to 6 times a night to help our little guy back to sleep, to actually enjoying our evenings again, and getting to sleep through the night. Within a week my baby was sleeping 12 hours a night, and we no longer had the stress of rushing to bed dreading the baby waking up in a few hours. It was a relief for us, and our son who was in need of sleep as much as we were! Trying to get him to sleep on our own was not cutting it.. we needed to bring in the pros. I would highly recommend any family struggling with sleep to reach out to Erin ASAP, rather than struggling needlessly against a problem you don’t need to have.

-Kim, Long Island (5 month old)


Before working with Erin, my husband or I would sleep in our son's bed every night.  It would take hours for him to fall asleep and his naps were very inconsistent.  From the very first phone call, I knew Erin was the right fit for our family to help get our little guy on track.  She is a mom and she is real.  Erin was willing to listen to all of our concerns and took everything from our parenting style, our son's personality and our other child's schedule into consideration while making an individualized plan for us.  She not only came up with the perfect plan for us, but she gave us the push we needed, held us accountable and offered so much support as we made many changes to our routine.  Within 7 days, our son was sleeping through the night and was able to put himself to sleep on his own. Working with Erin was truly life changing.  Everyone is well-rested, eating better and happier.  She set us up with the tools to continue making progress and to overcome obstacles we may face in the future.  We cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for our family. 

-Meg, Long Island (2.5 year old)


My husband and I were ready to throw in the towel & accept that after almost three months of sleepless nights, there was never going to be an end in sight. Our last hope was when we reached out to SleepWorthy Consulting. Erin is very professional, down to earth and understanding who has endless knowledge, tips & tricks to make for a better sleeping situation. After just two nights our son was sleeping through the night and no longer climbing out of the crib. He even self soothes and puts himself to sleep now! We highly recommend SleepWorthy Consulting for any sleep related issues you may be having; you won’t be disappointed!

-Kayla, Long Island (20 month old)


We are so lucky to have had Erin’s support through our sleep journey. Before Erin, we had no idea how tired our baby was! Erin helped ensure our 8 month old is getting the sleep she needs to grow. Erin helped us tackle daily 3AM risings and inconsistent naps with a manageable routine, as well as a clear and consistent set of strategies to use when that schedule inevitably is thrown off. By the end of the week, our baby was sleeping later and later every morning - approaching her goal of 6:30AM - and napping like clockwork. Right at the end of the week, the dreaded 8 month regression began, but we weren’t even frazzled because of Erin’s calm, practical and supportive approach. Erin made everything so simple and straightforward, providing us with deep explanation of the science behind baby sleep, ongoing communication throughout each day about baby’s sleep plan, and a thorough close out call that made us feel prepared to continue the plan on our own. We are grateful to feel equipped with a set of tools that enable us to feel confident about our approach to managing our baby’s sleep. Our baby is noticeably happier with adequate rest and our days feel more positive!

-Laela, Queens (8 month old)


I highly recommend working with Erin from SleepWorthy Consulting. She helped us through toddler sleep regressions and nap time struggles. Each step of the way she was extremely knowledgeable, responsive and reassuring. As frustrating as it was to experience sleep issues with a toddler that previously slept well, Erin's support and guidance helped us quickly make changes to get my toddler back on track. Working with Erin truly felt like working with a trusted mom friend!

-Colleen, Connecticut (2 year old)

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